Vehicle Tuning/Performance Upgrades

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Performances exhausts
Dynamic Customs stock a great selection of cat back systems and sports catalysts, or if you’re heading for the track, we have full systems with out cat’s and cat replacement pipes. What ever your requirements, with exhausts from Milltek, Tubi and Akrapovic to name just a few, there’s some thing to suit most vehicles. If we can’t find some thing to suit, or you want some thing completely different, a bespoke exhaust system can be fabricated.

Vehicle remapping
In the early days, fuelling and ignition were controlled by a Carburetor and Distributor. Some adjustments could be made to these components, but it was a tricky art to master. ECU Re-mapping is a modern day way of tuning an engine, and the process is carried out by changing some of the parameters within the vehicles Engine management system Control Unit (ECU). The parameters that can be modified include fuelling, ignition timing, boost control and on some vehicle camshaft timing.
The reason this is possible is that the vehicle manufactures set the software to a restricted performance level to what they initially tune the cars to in case the user doesn’t keep on top of their servicing or used sub standard fuel etc. Another reason is also to comply to European Emissions Law, which often limit the vehicles performance and function. By re-mapping the engine management system you unleash the potential of what is held back by the manufacture.

How is re-mapping done?
For maps via the OBD the process is actually as simple as 1, 2, 3…
1, Our technician downloads a copy of the unique existing file on your car’s ECU.
2, This file is then immediately uploaded to Dynamic Customs Re-Mapping department where a personalised upgrade is developed for your individual vehicle.
3, Within the hour or so, the re-mapped file is sent back to the technician and uploaded back onto your vehicles ECU.
The changes made are tested to ensure that they are well within the safe limits of what the vehicle components can handle as we are only releasing what the manufacture initially tuned the car to do.

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