Window Tinting

Reduce glare increase privacy


Window Tints complement the existing hue of automotive glass to produce a richer, more distinctive appearance, dramatically enhancing the look of any type of vehicle.
We use only the finest quality raw materials available; this coupled with the Dynamic customs system of tinting is so professional that it is almost impossible to distinguish between the original glass.
The benefits of having window tints:
• Ultra Violet Light Rejection: Cuts out 99% of UVA and UVB rays which greatly reduce ageing or fading of the car Interior trim. Cuts down the risk of skin cancer
• Reduces heat: keeps your vehicle cooler on sunny days
• Reduces glare: cuts down dazzle from the sun and lights at night. Ideal for keeping the sun off babies, young children and pets, ensuring a more comfortable journey for your family
• Increase privacy: Ideal for women driving alone at night or to stop potential thieves from seeing into your vehicle
• Optically clear: As clear as the original glass
• Improves appearance: Our professional finish looks superb
Please give us a call if you have any questions our team is always more than happy to help.

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